Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Help!!!!! How to uninstall Google service??

Do you have met the things ,such as always when you check the battery, also found find that there are  Google services,and you  don’t know  that if it  is the reason consumption of electricity,also don't know what you are using about Google, so,how to delete it?

In my opinon ,I think you should set other browser as the default browser, and then unloaded, besides you can use the safe mode for unloading, If you think it’s no clear thorough enough, you can use other software to help eradicate. So that there will be no future trouble at all.

 In a general way,there are a few steps as follow:

1.             Open Start Menu on your taskbar and then click All Programs , and then find the control panel.

2.             Find options, Is shown as add/remove programs.

3.             Find the Google toolbar, then Remove it.

Througt that way, although it can  delete the Google, but there will be some residual waste in our computer, this time is to help us with perfect unloading, We all know that there are a lot of things is unable to help clear the general steps.At that time ,the Perfect Uninstaller can be your best choice to fully uninstall Google.

  In many cases,we uninstall some softwares but can’t uninstall all the things relate to it,those things can make our computer run slower . According to the problem what we meet ,the perfect uninstaller can be a good tool for us to deal with it ,it can help us clean up the waste of roots.Throught that way ,can make our computer run faster.On the other way ,it can make our computer have more space to update the system.And isn’t appear the  problem such as “bule screen”, run slowly and so on ,you can try it .

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