Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Uninstall 100% Free Hearts Toolbar – How touninstall100% Free Hearts Toolbar Thoroughly from Your Browser?

100% Free Hearts Toolbar, one of those popular browser toolbars on the internet, enjoys a great amount of computer users around the world. Though being widely used, some people still want to install another more useful toolbar instead of 100% Free Hearts Toolbar. How to remove 100% Free Hearts Toolbar from your browser? I think this article will help you.
There is a fact you should be clear. No matter what toolbar, they will occupy certain system resource and network speed. So you should uninstall 100% Free Hearts Toolbar when you will no longer use it. Moreover, there is no need to install too many toolbars in your browser, which can slow down opening a website.
Some browsers offer solution to uninstalling a toolbar. The following is how to uninstall 100% Free Hearts Toolbar in Firefox.
1. Run Firefox browser and click on the Tools menu.
2. Select Extensions
3. In Firefox Extensions Manager window, choose 100% Free Hearts Toolbar and then click uninstall
4. Restart your computer to complete the removal
If the browser you are using does not have such function, you can also uninstall the toolbar through windows Control Panel.
Take windows Vista for example.
1. Open Control Panel from Start menu
2. Click Uninstall a program
3. Locate 100% Free Hearts Toolbar in the list
4. Click uninstall button
Note: in windows 7 and windows XP, there is a slight difference, but not difficult. Usually related registry entries will be left when you uninstall a program. Gradually, lots of useless registry entries will remain and thus slow down your PC as well as generating errors. You can use a registry repair program to clean up 100% Free Hearts Toolbar registry entries.
Recommended solution to uninstall 100% Free Hearts Toolbar thoroughly
Now we can find many third party uninstaller programs on the market and the tech has been very advanced. Using a professional uninstaller tool to remove 100% Free Hearts Toolbar or other unneeded program becomes a popular choice. If you are not familiar with any uninstaller program, it is recommended to use Perfect Uninstaller, which is user-friendly and enjoys good reputation.

How to uninstall 100% Free Hearts Toolbar with Perfect Uninstaller
1. Download and save Perfect Uninstaller from its official website.
2. Install and run the tool
3. Highlight 100% Free Hearts Toolbar in the list and click uninstall button
If 100% Free Hearts Toolbar is corrupted, try Force Uninstall to remove it completely.

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