Monday, June 23, 2014

How to Edit Registry

Caution: Backup your registry information first; it is easy to make your PC crash if you edit your registry list.
For Windows XP:
 1. In Windows XP, from Start, and then click on Run.
 2. Type “regedit”, then click on OK.
Edit Registry
 3. Now it opens the Registry Editor.
Edit Registry
 4. Click on Export Registry.
 5. Select “All” option for backing up every key of registry.
 6. Give a destination file (say Regbackup) and save it on to the Desktop.
 7. You can easily navigate through the subkey if you know what you are looking for. Or, you can press “Ctrl + F” to locate the subkey that contains the value you want to edit. (F3 to Find Next)
Edit Registry
 8. Under this key, there will be the subkeys (some may be absent, which is normal)
 9. Click on each Version key to find contents in the right-window pane.
 10. Delete all the sub-keys inside.
 11. From File menu, click exit.
For Windows Vista:
 1. From Start, then type “regedit“.
Edit Registry
2. Click on “regedit” on the search result to open the registry editor in Windows Vista.
 3. Steps are the same as Windows XP (see above).
Now you have been able to remove registry entries from your computer now.

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